Last year I did a two day video shooting for an online music school Rockway for a basic/intermediate level gypsy jazz guitar course. On this course I discuss about different aspects of rhythm and solo guitar and show different exercises. The course is in Finnish. Here's a little taster! You can find the full course HERE!


For couple of years I've been hosting a gypsy jazz oriented music night in an Italian restaurant called Pjazza in the center of Helsinki. Every wednesdays I play there with an amazing double bass player Tero Tuovinen. Every week we also try to organize different players to play with us. Our goal is to show people what gypsy jazz is all about. Some of our guests in the past include such great musicians (in no particular order) as Henrik Perelló, Teemu Viinikainen, Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola, Jouni Järvelä, Charlotta Kerbs, Olli Soikkeli, Jarmo Hynninen, Susanna Eronen, Laura Airola, Joose Ojala, Lassi Kouvo, Noora Kiili, Mika Huusari, Aki Hauru, Kimmo Iltanen, Tuomas Lehto, Rémi Oswald, Jimbino Vegan, Lauri Yrjölä, Birger Lindström, Tero Hyväluoma, Mikko "Gunu" Karjalainen, Heidi Kiviharju, Adrien Tarraga, Viki Balzar, Tuomo Dahlblom, Petri Kautto, Timo Seppänen, Juha Lanu, Max Zenger and many more to come.


Years ago during the Django Reinhardt festival in Samois-Sur-Seine I met a guitar player called Adrien Tarraga. Going to the same festival for years we started to play more and more together and realised that we share the same kind of passion and vision about gypsy jazz music. In one point we both felt that we need to record something together and without planning it too much we booked a studio. So I'm thrilled to say that our new album is coming out soon in the first half of 2018!

Gypsy Jazz Wednesdays
Django Collective Helsinki Manala Klubi
Django Collective Helsinki Bulevardin Kahvisalongissa


Upcoming gigs!

Mar 1Tartu/EstoniaBarlovaJazz Cannibals
Mar 2Viinistu/EstoniaPrivate partyJazz Cannibals
Mar 3Tallinn/EstoniaPrivate partyJazz Cannibals
Mar 7HelsinkiPjazzaw Timo Seppänen
Mar 13HelsinkiSteam HellsinkiLindy Lobsters
Mar 14HelsinkiPjazzaTeemu Mustonen & Teemu Åkerblom
Mar 16HelsinkiManalaDjango Collective Helsinki
Mar 19PorvooKullaan kartanow Aki Hauru
Mar 21HelsinkiPjazzaw Aki Hauru
Mar 22PorvooKullaan kartanow Aki Hauru
Mar 24HelsinkiBulevardin kahvisalonkiDjango Collective Helsinki
Mar 28HelsinkiPjazzaw Petri Kautto
Apr 4HelsinkiPjazzaw Max Zenger
Apr 6LahtiSibeliustaloSinfonia Lahti & Marian Petrescu
Apr 11HelsinkiPjazzaTomi Kettunen Trio
Apr 18HelsinkiPjazzaw Marko Aho & Teemu Åkerblom
Apr 20HelsinkiManalaDjango Collective Helsinki
Apr 24TampereNääs-Hop, GloriaWanha Swengi
Apr 25HelsinkiPjazzaw Tuomas Lehto
Apr 27HelsinkiPapa Albertw Lassi Kouvo


Tomi by the river
On a tour with Olli Soikkeli & Julian Labro

Tomi Kettunen (b. 1982) started his musical journey at a very young age. Meanwhile his neighbor drummer was practising in the garage nearby, Tomi gathered his mom’s pans and pots to the terrace and tried to compete with him. Soon he found himself taking lessons from this very same drummer. At the age of six he started studying drums at the Conservatory of Joensuu and stayed there for few years. At the same time his father tought him the basics of guitar playing and gradually his main interest shifted from drums to guitar.

At first Tomi’s main musical influences were rock guitarists such as Marty Friedman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore and Steve Vai. After hearing jazz influences in Vinnie Moore’s playing Tomi started to get interested in jazz music and finally after hearing John Coltrane’s playing in a jazz ballad called “In a sentimental mood” he wanted to learn more about jazz and started studying guitar playing in Music Institute of Pirkanmaa (PMO) where he learned the basics of jazz harmony and improvisation. After few years of studying, Tomi decided to quit in PMO and instead started going to jam sessions and jamming with other musicians. In 2008 he was appreciated with the Acre Kari Scholarship by his positive influence on the local jazz scene in Tampere.

After seeing Johnny Depp playing a Django Reinhardt tune “Minor Swing” with a guitar in a movie called “Chocolat” Tomi got interested in Django Reinhardt’s music and soon he found the music of other gypsy guitarists as well such as Bireli Lagrene, Tchavolo Schmitt, Angelo Debarre, Stochelo Rosenberg and Jimmy Rosenberg. The hard swing and fierce soul heard in their music made an everlasting impression on Tomi and his main focus has been on the Gypsy Jazz since 2007. He is currently one of the top Gypsy Jazz guitar players in Finland. He performs regularly in different jazz festivals and clubs with different groups such as Tomi Kettunen Trio, Wanha Swengi, Django Collective Helsinki and The Ginger Sisters and has recorded two albums with Wanha Swengi.

Django Collective Helsinki


More music coming soon!


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