Good news to Helsinki gypsy jazz fans and players! I'm hosting a gypsy jazz club every wednesday on a really cool Italian restaurant called Pjazza! There will be concerts with different guests every second week and jam sessions every second! So come and listen and enjoy the best pizza in town!

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Gypsy Jazz Wednesdays


One of my bands, Django Collective Helsinki, is hosting a very interesting club again this year in a place called Manala in Helsinki. There will be different quests performing with us every time. The featuring guests program for this spring:

  • 3.2. Sami Pitkämö
  • 3.3. Johanna Iivanainen
  • 7.4. Soul Sisters
  • 5.5. Pentti Lahti
  • 2.6. Marjo Leinonen
Django Collective Helsinki-klubi


Welcome to see my trio and Antti Sarpila performing at Lavaklubi on thursday 15.12. The show starts at 19:30.

I'm really looking forward playing there because I have a great band with me. Tero Tuovinen on double bass and Rémi Oswald on rhythm guitar. Rémi is from Paris and he is one of the best rhythm guitarists at the moment and plays on such bands as RP Quartet, Kill Bob, Brunard Connextion, Noé Reine ja Daniel John Martin. He visiting Finland and doing couple of gigs with me and we are also arranging a rhythm guitar workshop for the gypsy jazz players. If you're interested about the workshop please contact me asap! The workshop takes place on the same day as our Lavaklubi concert.

Tomi Kettunen Trio & Antti Sarpila


Upcoming gigs!

Feb 1PjazzaHelsinkiGypsy Jazz Wednesdays Jam Session
Feb 3Manala/BottaHelsinkiDjango Collective Helsinki w Sami Pitkämö
Feb 8PjazzaHelsinkiw Mikko "Gunu" Karjalainen
Feb 15PjazzaHelsinkiGypsy Jazz Wednesdays Jam Session
Feb 19Porvoon paahtimoPorvooDuo Wanha Swengi
Feb 21VuotaloHelsinkiThe Ginger Sisters
Feb 22PjazzaHelsinkiw Tero Hyväluoma
Feb 24Ylivieskatalo AkustiikkaYlivieskaThe Ginger Sisters
Feb 25Bulevardin KahvisalonkiHelsinkiDjango Collective Helsinki
Feb 26M/S FinlandiaHelsinkiDuo Wanha Swengi
Mar 1PjazzaHelsinkiGypsy Jazz Wednesdays Jam Session
Mar 3Manala/BottaHelsinkiDjango Collective Helsinki w Johanna Iivanainen
Mar 8PjazzaHelsinkiw Tuomo Dahlblom
Mar 10Private partyHelsinkiDuo Wanha Swengi
Mar 15PjazzaHelsinkiGypsy Jazz Wednesdays Jam Session
Mar 22PjazzaHelsinkiw Heidi Kiviharju
Mar 25Bulevardin KahvisalonkiHelsinkiDjango Collective Helsinki
Mar 25Private partyHelsinkiWanha Swengi
Mar 29PjazzaHelsinkiGypsy Jazz Wednesdays Jam Session


Tomi by the river

Tomi Kettunen (b. 1982) started his musical journey at a very young age. Meanwhile his neighbor drummer was practising in the garage nearby, Tomi gathered his mom’s pans and pots to the terrace and tried to compete with him. Soon he found himself taking lessons from this very same drummer. At the age of six he started studying drums at the Conservatory of Joensuu and stayed there for few years. At the same time his father tought him the basics of guitar playing and gradually his main interest shifted from drums to guitar.

At first Tomi’s main musical influences were rock guitarists such as Marty Friedman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore and Steve Vai. After hearing jazz influences in Vinnie Moore’s playing Tomi started to get interested in jazz music and finally after hearing John Coltrane’s playing in a jazz ballad called “In a sentimental mood” he wanted to learn more about jazz and started studying guitar playing in Music Institute of Pirkanmaa (PMO) where he learned the basics of jazz harmony and improvisation. After few years of studying, Tomi decided to quit in PMO and instead started going to jam sessions and jamming with other musicians. In 2008 he was appreciated with the Acre Kari Scholarship by his positive influence on the local jazz scene in Tampere.

After seeing Johnny Depp playing a Django Reinhardt tune “Minor Swing” with a guitar in a movie called “Chocolat” Tomi got interested in Django Reinhardt’s music and soon he found the music of other gypsy guitarists as well such as Bireli Lagrene, Tchavolo Schmitt, Angelo Debarre, Stochelo Rosenberg and Jimmy Rosenberg. The hard swing and fierce soul heard in their music made an everlasting impression on Tomi and his main focus has been on the Gypsy Jazz since 2007. He is currently one of the top Gypsy Jazz guitar players in Finland. He performs regularly in different jazz festivals and clubs with different groups such as Wanha Swengi, Django Collective Helsinki, Gypsy Swing Unity and The Ginger Sisters and has recorded two albums with Wanha Swengi.

Django Collective Helsinki


More music coming soon!


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